Strictly Collaborative have an education programme available to any school

Our Programmes include:

  • Disability Awareness.
  • A Place for Belonging (the value and importance of ‘home’).
  • 24 Hours in a Day (how we manage our days).
  • Restraints (those things that hold you back).
  • Identity (who we are and how we differ).
  • Introduction to Poetry (to make it properly available to all).
  • Storytime
  • Will Power (to contextualise Shakespeare for the novice).

Each topic is approached practically, and from experience.  There are preparatory notes issued to the participants, together with follow-up ideas and suggestions

Our highly experienced consultant teachers are able to create and develop a programme to tackle any other topic that you might need to cover.

The aim of each workshop is to bring together and work with groups of both disabled and non-disabled ( possibly Key Stage 3 or 4 students if in an educational establishment.) We wish to facilitate the two abilities to work together in a safe and comfortable environment. (This age range will vary dependant on the establishment/festival).


Before the workshop the practitioners running the session will meet the accompanying ‘teachers’ for a planning session.  This will enable us to understand the differing needs within the group and to deal with any potential problems to be addressed before the workshop.   The planning discussions include:

  • The best time to have the workshop
  • The organisation of the school day
  • Available spaces
  • Needs of the group
  • Follow-up ideas and how the workshop can contribute to      the Teachers’ own CPD.
  • Any concerns


Each workshop will be run by two of the highly experienced STRICTLY COLLABORATIVE practitioners.  They will often be assisted by two young company members who wish to develop their teaching and leadership skills. Since STRICTLY COLLABORATIVE is an inclusive disabled-lead company, where possible one of the facilitators of the workshop will be disabled and one non-disabled.

At the beginning of each session the group will be divided into teams that will work together to create a ‘scratch’ performance that explores the subject. This can be performed as a ‘work in progress’ to peers, parents or teachers, depending on time constraints and/or the willingness of the participants.

After a short introduction and brief warm-up, the teams will separate into different studios/rooms.  The students in each group will start by using ‘mind mapping’ techniques to explore the topic. From this, with our guidance, they will create a ‘scratch’ piece.  This will be developed over the 3 hours, culminating in a performance to the other group (maybe others).  After the performance there will be a brief ‘wash up’ session to discuss the performances, the workshop and what they have gained from the session.


of each workshop are to:

  • Explore ‘difference’ gaining better understanding of what it is and what it means.
  • Experience working creatively in an inclusive environment.
  • Gain understanding of, and experience in, different drama and movement techniques.
  • Communicate the ideas of everyone within the group regardless of ability or communication barriers.


Our programmes will have a long-lasting impact on the young participants. They will gain a better understanding both of disability and of working creatively in an inclusive environment.  Each workshop will also provide CPD opportunities.


Since our people will only be visiting any school occasionally, and for a short time, and since they will always be accompanied by school staff, the issue of CRB checks lies with the discretion of the school.

Some of our people are ex teachers and they have, of course, relevant CRB documentation.  We will always advise the school in advance of the names of our training group.  We will, of course, expect to sign in and out within the protocols of the school.


Our costs are calculated on a half-day (three hour) session.  We prefer to have an hour preparation or lead-in time before each session.  We also, as explained above, always have a pre-planning meeting.  We are prepared to work with groups of between 10 and 16 students, or with whole year populations.

We always bring two practitioners, and we also usually bring two young helpers.  We are able to do two half day sessions in one day but would need an hour of preparation time between the sessions.

Once you have decided which topics you wish us to address, and which students with whom you would like us to work, then we can quote a price.  For small groups of 10 to 16 students we would charge £12 per student per three hour session.  Included in that is the cost of pre-planning and of the necessary lead-in time and the supporting documentation.


For further information, or to make a booking enquiry, please contact us either through our website:    

or by phone:                          07917 276254.