The Mouse Play

STRICTLY COLLABORATIVE is an exciting and innovative venture. It is an Inclusive Theatre Company. ‘Inclusive’ means that disabled and non-disabled people can take part in this community based project.

This will be the first jaunt into the creative world for Strictly 25+. Here at Strictly we believe that you are never to old to have fun and play. Strictly 25+ does exactly what it says on the tin, it is an inclusive foray for the older members of society. Fun, Play, Mouses and a splash of self discovery!

Aim & Objectives:

  • To improve all round confidence through both rehearsals and performance
  • To enable all abiilities to work together
  • To enhance creative practise
  • To explore their own restraints while at the same time stepping into pre determined roles
  • To reach audiences throughout the South West showing that acting ability does not depend on physical capacity
  • To challenge existing stereotypes


 Need & target audience:

In Devon and Cornwall we are very left behind when it comes to inclusive practise. Strictly Collaborative is based in Plymouth and we invite anyone from the surrounding areas to join our company. Here at Strictly we believe that everyone has an equal right to express themselves through artistic means, irrespective of ability, age and social constraints.

It is extremely difficult to find rehearsal or performing venues that are truly accessable (even though some of them advertise themselves as such.)

Strictly Collaborative does not restrict itself with either performance or audience and therefore there is not a ‘typical audience profile’.  We believe that the right show will put the bums on seats.

The Program:

‘The Mouse Play’ is Strictly 25+ first jaunt into the spotlight. The play will be a devised piece about six mice who are dealing with some strangeness afoot! There is peculiar music that has been heard in the surrounding area, other mice are talking about it and have disappeared. ‘It would never happen to us!’ or would it?

The Mouse Play’ will contain signing, audio description and subtitling so that we make the performance relevant to all walks of life, a completely accessible performance.

We have arranged a 20 week program to create the ‘The Mouse Play’. Within this time frame we will reference a set text, tease out autobiographical detail and devise and rehearse a strong piece of theatre.



  • Disabled or non-disabled
  • Strong, multi skilled, all round performers
  • An excellent team ethic
  • Ability to multi task
  • To be resident in Plymouth between April to September


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