Strictly 25 +

The rise of Strictly 25 +

 This will be the first jaunt into the creative world for Strictly 25+. Here at Strictly we believe that you are never too old to have fun and play. Strictly 25+ does exactly what it says on the tin, it is an inclusive foray for the older members of society. Fun, Play, Mouses and a splash of self- discovery!

 Strictly 25 + aims

  • To improve all round confidence through both rehearsals and performance
  • To enable all abiilities to work together
  • To enhance creative practise
  • To explore their own restraints while at the same time stepping into pre determined roles
  • To reach audiences throughout the South West showing that acting ability does not depend on physical capacity (?)
  • To challenge existing stereotypes
  • To prove that you don’t have to be young to have fun!

 ‘The Mouse Play’ is Strictly 25+ first jaunt into the spotlight. The play is based on ‘Can you hear the music?’ by David Campton and is about six mice who are dealing with some strangeness afoot! There is peculiar music that has been heard in the surrounding area, other mice are talking about it and have disappeared. ‘It would never happen to us!’ or would it?

‘The Mouse Play’ (to begin 2013) is part of the ‘Restraints’ project which will culminate in 2014 with an extravaganza containing all the Strictly Collaborative strands and integrating educational establishments and local businesses.

‘The Mouse Play’ will contain signing, audio description and subtitling so that we make the performance relevant to all walks of life, a completely accessible performan We have created a 20 week program which will culminate in a performance of ‘The Mouse Play’ (based on ‘Can You Hear The Music’ by David Campton)

 The 20 week rehearsal process is divided into two sections.

 The first is an exploratory segment where the participants will discover, with the help of some scenes from the ‘Mouse Play’, how they react to restraints put on them by others. This allows them to access new perspectives on existing attitudes and, hopefully, portraying these in their performances.

 The second section is learning and performing the text using the initial exploratory segment to inform the existing play. This will allow for an autobiographical feel and to add their creative voice.

 For more information or to register interest in this project or other schemes please contact