A Place For Belonging

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‘A Place For Belonging’ was Strictly Collaborative’s maiden performance performed in 2010.

This project was all about the places you turn for comfort and safety, whether it is your family, home, city, village, school or hobbies. What does it mean to you? How do you feel about where you live? What makes you feel ‘at home’?

This was a devised piece that highlighted the things that made the company members feel all warm and fuzzy inside, that made them feel comfortable. ‘Strictly Youth’ only make autobiographical devised performance this is so the company have a creative voice.

‘Place For Belonging’ was a multi media performance which combined music, dance, physical theatre, projections and theatre to create an accurate interpretation of the companies thoughts and feelings on the subject matter.

The aim of this performance was to show that, despite the barriers we face and the abilities which we contend with on a day to day basis, we are very much the same.

The following is the final performance filmed at the Barbican Theatre on the 19th March 2010

We have had fantastic feedback from audiences, parents and participants.

Read the testimonials here. »

‘The greatest compliment I can offer is I thought that the performance stands up in it’s own right. Fully integrated…with beautiful moments…relevant to every one of us. To me it spoke of labelling: the labels others apply to us and those we apply to ourselves.’

Paul Lakin (audience member)

‘Thank you so much!  I must say all of the team REALLY enjoyed the performance, absolute genius how everybody contributed and created the performance and then put together on stage provided a stunning show, one embracing total inclusion and true equality.  All of the actors / dancers really complemented each other well with their skills an evident ease on stage.  Well done everyone!’

Mel Isherwood

Personalisation Development Manager

Self Direct Support

‘Aaron joined Strictly because he loves to act and perform. Here for the first time was a company he could join and be himself, one that was there with him in mind, one that was not just making room for him but was trying to give him and others like him the chance to express them selves on stage. Aaron enjoys going to Strictly and always looks forward to it, he may not be able to help plan the future of Strictly Collaborative but he will be an eager participant and seeing his face when performing “A place for belonging”, tells us it was the right decision to bring him.’

Denise Fitzpatrick


‘Strictly is great because everyone is encouraging and everyone is really nice to each other. Ems is great because she makes it fun for everyone to get involved. Kev is cool and so is everyone, no one is bullied and we all belong. Strictly collaborative is great because as soon as you walk into the door there is a warm welcome and no one feels threatened, everyone is lovely and we all have a laugh. Since coming to strictly my confidence has risen and I find it easier to communicate with people I have also realised that I am good at movement work and I am not afraid to cross the boundaries which were holding me back. I can jump into anything at strictly because I know no one will make fun of me and if I feel uncomfortable people will be there who will help me through, especially Ems who is always very enthusiastic to make sure things are ok and if people are unsure then others are able to help overcome fears together.’

Khim Dunne (participant)