24 Hours In a Day

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’24 Hours in a Day’ was Strictly Collaborative second performance, in 2011.

This project was about the routines, rigmaroles and the little things that fill up your day. It was combined with a number of dance performances by students from the University of Plymouth.

’24 Hours in a Day’ had a small cast and was supported by the fundraiser ’24 Hours of Play’, hosted by Strictly Collaborative and The University of Plymouth

’24 Hours of Play’ was based at the Students Union at the University of Plymouth. It was a beautiful amalgamation of music, theatre and dance (with a sprinkling of stalls selling cakes, badges and trinkets) for a whole day and night. We had some positive feedback from participants and even an article in the student paper. ’24 Hours of Play’ was a wonderfully creative night which we would love to organise again!