Strictly in a Nutshell

STRICTLY COLLABORATIVE extends new opportunities for disabled people to participate in a local group that is genuinely accessible to everyone. Non-disabled people will also be expanding their knowledge, skills and understanding of, not only of their community, but of the disabled community

STRICTLY COLLABORATIVE is Disabled led.  This means that, not only are the participants mixed ability, the practitioners and facilitators are also.  This is crucial as it shows people that, despite the ‘barriers’ of disability, ANYONE CAN LIVE UP TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL.

STRICTLY COLLABORATIVE  exists to bridge the gap between disabled and non-disabled people, both through it’s extensive theatrical, creative and informative strands. These strands increase engagement for disabled people in creative activities.


STRICTLY COLLABORATIVE performances are all AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL, they are developed from the experiences that the participants have in their own lives.

This is important for many reasons:

  • So the participants have a vested interest in the project.
  • So that the company can vent issues, feelings and emotions that cannot be expressed anywhere else.
  • So that the company can see things from another point of view.
  • So that the audience will THINK about and try to UNDERSTAND the company’s point of view.